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Good Governance Worldwide

The primary purpose of ASPA’s Good Governance Worldwide Web site is to provide practitioners around the world with insight into today’s public sector challenges and efforts underway that offer innovative solutions for our global community of practice. It is further intended to help forge a more global network within which participants can share their challenges – in both advanced industrial nations and emerging democracies and modernizing countries. Most importantly, we wish to help connect professional public management practitioners with others who may have invaluable experience and perspectives not available within a more limited public service community.

This online presence:

•  covers major functional, sectoral and jurisdictional areas of public sector responsibility

•  mobilizes ASPA expert practitioner and applied academic resources (through its sections and chapters) to facilitate exchanges on “best practice” topics

•  augments these resources and expertise through related, practice-oriented alliances and collaborations with other “good government” organizations and individuals

•  regularly solicits and produces relevant content through online practice-oriented articles, columns, blogs, podcasts, webcasts, forums, wikis, commentaries, book reviews, videos and related material (including links to other sites)

Moreover, this site is intended to help the organization (including ASPA’s Section on Public Management Practice and International Chapter and other sections and chapters with global interests and appeal) cultivate a worldwide network of practitioners, applied researchers, trainers and development consultants. Furthermore, the Section expects this global network to regularly interact through virtual means and periodically come together (both virtually and face-to-face) at events to share best practice information and forge personal and professional relationships across disciplinary and national boundaries. Lastly, we envision that creation of such a vibrant presence will yield a positive public sector narrative that contributes to a more favorable view of public service and public employees and increased understanding of how "good governance" contributes to advancing the goals of good societies around the world.