Paralegal Certificate Program

Paralegal Studies at Texas State

Our program is unique because we have one of the few professional certificate programs offered by a university at the graduate level.  Our program is offered through the Department of Political Science and the Graduate College.  We must comply with strict requirements regarding our curriculum, our faculty, and the type of student entering our program.  The program consists of 24 graduate level hours and may be completed in two or more semesters.

As a result of the inherent structure of our program, we offer one of the best professional paralegal programs in the state of Texas and in the United States.  Our program is superior for at least three reasons:

Also, our program has been approved by the American Bar Association (ABA) and is an institutional member of the American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE).

Program Objectives

  • Each student will acquire fundamental knowledge and practical skills in legal theory, legal research, litigation, and in substantive areas of law.
  • Each student, in every course, will acquire a working knowledge of relevant legal theory and practical skills necessary to perform professional paralegal functions in that area of law, including computer research skills.
  • Each student will be encouraged to develop a professional attitude about the responsibilities of a paralegal in the legal working environment and, at the same time, recognize the worth of all other professional and staff members of the work team.
  • Each student will be instructed concerning the ethical use of paralegal training and skills in the legal working environment.
  • Each student, in the course of classroom study, will develop practical skills that will allow them, upon receiving a certificate and proper utilization, to become an income-producing asset to an employer.
  • Placement assistance will be available to assist each student in locating and securing a satisfying position in the legal working environment.

Underlying each of the aforementioned objectives is the dedication of the university, The Graduate College, the Department of Political Science, and the legal studies faculty to the effective utilization of competent paralegals. This dedication helps to ensure the availability of legal services to the public, to fulfill the needs of the citizens of Texas, and to develop and maintain a high quality educational program for the students at Texas State University.

Concurrent Enrollment in the Master's Program

All applicants to the certificate program must be concurrently admitted to the master's degree program in legal studies, which has the same admission requirements.

ABA Approved

The paralegal certificate program is approved by the American Bar Association. The paralegal certificate program does not qualify a person to practice law.