Public Administration

What is Public Administration?

Public administration is the field of academic study that emphasizes professional training in carrying out the actions of government. The program is designed to provide an understanding of the nature of the public service profession. The curriculum encourages and develops critical analytical skills, and applies those skills in the implementation and evaluation of public policy.


Majoring in public administration will qualify you for many different careers in government agencies, as well as private for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Career opportunities can include state, local, and federal government, business, law, consulting, communications, international organizations, finance, political campaigns, interest groups, community service and nonprofit organizations. Public administration training also provides valuable preparation for participating in community organizations, electoral politics, lobbying efforts on behalf of specific policies, and especially for seeking elective or appointive positions in government. 

Skills a Public Administration Degree can give you:

  • policy implementation
  • crisis management
  • decision making
  • financial problem solving
  • leadership and service
  • budget projection
  • precision
  • communication
  • program development
  • accountability processes
  • media and public relations

Why Choose Texas State?

Public administration faculty have been recognized nationally for their contribution to outstanding teaching, research, and service. The faculty leads practical research projects to inform public management and public policy in the region. The M.P.A. program is accredited by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration (NASPAA).