Master of Arts in Political Science | M.A.

Welcome to the Political Science graduate program at Texas State. Since its implementation, the master’s program in Political Science has provided training in the discipline of political science to students whose career goals include college teaching, research, as well as public and foreign service.

About the Program

The master’s program is a small program with a faculty of 16 members, which affords the opportunity for close student-teacher interaction. Seminars are limited to approximately 15 students with an average enrollment of 12 students. Students may also take Directed Readings courses that permit students to investigate specialized research topics on a one-to-one basis.

Career Opportunities

A degree in political science gives graduates the tools to analyze the world around them, think critically about the nature of our political and economic bodies, and understand our political process. These skills can be applied in a multitude of different ways and provides flexibility when entering the workplace. Graduating with a Master of Arts in political science will give you an opportunity to pursue a career in a wide variety of fields, from governmental positions, to business, law, journalism, activism, and many others.

Our graduates have been accepted into Ph.D. programs, applied their training to advance careers in journalism, business, and civil service, as well as the following career paths:

Government Administration: Local, State, & Federal

Legislative Careers: Local, State, & Congressional

Electoral Campaigns

Political Organizations

Non-Profit Advocacy

Lobbying / Public Relations

Academia: Teaching Political Science

Other Politics & Policy-Related Career Opportunities

While not required, the M.A. in political science offers four optional degree foci that can help demonstrate a learning focus for future employment or an advanced degree.

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