Manager in Residence Program

To increase student awareness and interest in public administration, TCMA has initiated the Manager in Residence program.

MIR at Texas State

Through the Manager in Residence program, Texas State's public administration faculty will increase student opportunities to better understand the practitioner perspective of governance and administration by introducing skill-based workshops, mentorships sessions, and guest lectures featuring James Earp.


Photo of James Earp

James Earp
City Manager, Hutto, Texas
MIR, Texas State University

Mr. Earp served as Assistant City Manager for the City of Kyle, Texas from 2006 until July 2022. Since August 2022 he has served as City Manager of the City of Hutto, Texas. An active member of TCMA, he was president of TCMA Region VII and the regional Board Representative where he has helped to plan and deliver professional development programs, and instrumental in creating and expanding the MIR program.

Mr. Earp is a Certified Public Manager and directs the CPM Program for the Dallas Fort Worth Area. He holds a BBA in Finance, a BS in Economics from Tarleton State University, a Master of Public Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington, and a graduate certificate in Environmental Management and Sustainability of Cities from Harvard University.

The following principles gained from this program which have been implemented at his city include adoption of low impact design criteria, domestic mulch pick up, battery recycling, energy conservation rehabilitation of facilities, green building concepts for new construction, LEED principles followed in design of new facilities, and new urbanism concepts adopted in land use planning. Mr. Earp mentors undergraduate and graduate students about these issues in informal and formal conversations with them in his role as a Manager-in-Residence in the MPA program at Texas State University.