Prospective Students

The MPA degree enables students to develop professional skills and take advantage of the many opportunities in the public or non-profit sector of the economy. The challenges and rewards in government have never been greater than today. Whether an individual is interested in government information systems, public finance, personnel management, international relations, or policy analysis, the MPA Program at Texas State University can help meet current needs and future aspirations.

diverse group of students sitting at table in library

The MPA Program Student Handbook includes program information, degree checklists, and more.

Pathways to Graduation

There are 3 pathways to graduation that will guide your core course and elective work:

Want to Know More?

If you have further questions about whether the MPA program at Texas State is the right fit for you, schedule a meeting with the MPA Director, Dr. Nandhini Rangarajan. You can also request more specific information through our online request form.